mixtape: progressing part one

A good prog band can be hard to come by. Sometimes they’re too progressive for their own good, delving too far into over-the-top vocals, self-indulgent song structures, masturbating guitar noodling till structure is lost and an art-for-the-sake-of-art execution that leaves most pedestrian listeners stranded at their bus stop awaiting something more musically digestible. Sonic excess though is the mark of a great prog band and the landscape of musical folklore is littered with ones that touched on pop-culture greatness only to end up being crushed by it either in conformity or ensuing chaos. Mostly though those bands remain on the fringe attracting small, albeit fiercely loyal fans who appreciate the technical prowess, composition dexterity and artistic proficiency that allow prog bands to be what they are, a niucense to the uninitiated.

I was speaking with a fellow musician friend who’s also a computer programmer. There’s a lot of cross-over between the two, as it takes the same kind of creative mindset to manipulate strings of code as it does to manipulate instrument strings. He mentioned in his early days learning music he followed close the young career of Dream Theater and adored their approach but seemed to know little of their current fair or the minions that followed them sonically. In an effort to broaden his horizon in the prog world I started to put together a few quick names for him to check out that eventually led to this list. A few caveats 1) it mostly strays from the usual knockoff contemporaries that turn up on searches for Dream Theater 2) it also mostly strays from the ever cliche’ nuveau-prog djent stuff and 3) it includes some bands that also cross-over to other sonic ideas he also mentioned I thought would be interesting matches 4) it doesn’t go too far old school and 5) I’ve been waiting for a reason to make a list like this for a while, so I’m taking a few additional liberties as my listening today feels fit

“Consumed” Control Denied from the Fragile Art of Existance
“Some Wounds” Conception from In Your Multitude
“Die with a Bullet” Headspace from I Am Anonomous
Catharsis” Skyharbor from Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos
“Leaf Motif” Echoes from Nature | Existence
“Mirrors Eyes” Appearance of Nothing from All Gods are Nothing
“Breathing Spaces” Dreamscape from Everlight
“Wisemen” Seventh Wonder from the Great Escape
“Dystopium” Loch Vostok from Dystopium
“Luck as a Constant” Periphery from II: This Time It’s Personal
“Gravity Well” Prototype from Catalyst
“Independent Harmony” Divison by Zero from Independent Harmony
“Stream of Conscience” Textures from Drawing Circles
“Jeremiad” Byzantine from …and They Shall Take Up Serpents
“Tandem” Protest the Hero from Scurrilous
“Veil of Maya” Cynic from Focus
“Contact” the Contortionist from Exoplanet
“Obfuscation” Between the Buried and Me from the Great Misdirect

I haven’t quite decided where part two might take us but I have a feeling that the heaviness factor might have to go up a notch or two while keeping to the same general progressive theme and who knows maybe we’ll do a part three notching a few to the old school, depends how I feel in December and how this list goes over


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