recipe: harvest quinoa

Over the last week we’ve done a number of pot-lucks and tried to craft some interesting recipes for each that reflected the holiday flavors people would be interested in at least trying without being so stereotypical and predictable that everyone would be making them. Having a vegetarian as a fiancee also means coming up with something substantial enough to be a main dish while remembering most people will have a protein as the centerpiece and are enjoying our offering as more, or less, as side.

This dish is yet another variation of our “salad” style dishes that can be served hot, warm or cold … the quinoa is a great vehicle for flavor in this case like rice, like orzo, etc that we use in similar recipes.

chick peas (drained)
red onion
dried white raisins
dried cranberries
apple cider vinegar
olive oil
filtered water
stock pot
cast iron skillet

preheat oven to 400 degrees
Clean and cut the cauliflower into bite size florets
lightly salt pepper and oil the florets
roast until browned about 20-25 minutes

using equal parts apple cider and vinegar soak the raisins in one container and the cranberries in another until plump and fully reconstituted, usually warmer water works better


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