mixtape: minnesota thirteen

No, not the Prohibition Era Minnesota 13 of Moonshine running fame but rather a music industry vet with an eclectic background and a great deal of stories to tell hailing from the state’s namesake.

We bonded over music initially, in an outlaw state of mind, but it was really despite the music we became friends in an industry of what have you done for me lately, he was among the few who never had to do anything other than just be himself and that, my friends is how you breed respect, and love. We’re both displaced from that but over the years we’ve stayed in touch and fortunately despite the distance were able to get together recently. It was an amazing visit to the past but also an interesting window to the present as I hear him talk about his views of the world and life, that’s what I’ve most missed about our weekly conversations from back in the day working together.

Of course, music came up too and his question “what are you listening to now” I was wholely unprepared for as I struggled to get thoughts out. Me, listening to anything, and everything, nothing, at a loss for words, who would have guessed but it forced me to really think (and fall back on my library which is much more effective when it’s in front of me, I’m too old for the walking encyclopedia guise some days). I wanted to … well be anything but the hipster listening to post rock, but still the musician knowing the underground hip hop and ultra pop… I wanted to be my old self music dork but fell at my knees out of practice, because when you don’t have to craft it hour by hour, call by call…

Some of this list is purely a look back at songs that thoroughly remind me of our time working together and the conversations we had and bands we enjoyed week over week and more importantly conversation over conversation, while some of it is a look at some of those same bands where they are now and some of it is an introduction to where I see the gaps between the good old days and my daily listening from this year’s releases is. With that all being said, it was one of the more difficult lists to put together, to balance our past and a window to our future, blend what was some amazing shared musical experiences with those of what we should be talking about today had we both stayed on our original musical trajectories, to make eras and sounds and recording qualities and concepts and subgenres bend together fluidly. It was going to be a snippet of thirteen to go with the namesake but I couldn’t help myself, it got away from me to be well beyond as such and yes, I do have regrets picking old over new (Cryptopsy) and new over old (Shadows Fall) and in not having done this BEFORE the visit rather than after.

oh, and j13, here’s the quote, tis true, tis all too true:
People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they’re going deaf, it has to be played louder still – Milan Kundera

…And Then It Passes” Cryptopsy from …And Then You’ll Beg
Symptoms” Beneath the Massacre from Incongruous
“Invert the Odds” Dying Fetus from Reign Supreme
Explosiva” Gojiria from L’Enfant Sauvage
Dangerous” the End from Elementry
“In the Face of Armegeddon” Dyscarnate from And So it Came to Pass
Incarnated” Obscura from Illegitimation/ Cosmogenesis
Finite” Origin from Antithesis
Dying Will be the Death of Me” Cephalic Carnage from Anomolies (remember the breakdown conversation…?)
She Speaks to Me” Blood Has Been Shed from Spirals
Global Flatline” Aborted from Global Flatline
Carriers of the Plague” Psycroptic from inhereted repression
Astral Body” Between the Burried and Me from the Paralax II
Temple of Sickness” Candiria from Surrealistic Madness/the Process of Self.Development
Castration” Martyr AD from the Human Condition in Twelve Fractions
Ometh” After the Burial from Rareform
Knights & Pawns” I, the Breather from Truth & Purpose
Eternity” Your Memorial from Redirect
Through Evidence” Ion Dissonance from Minus the Herd
the Demon’s Name is Surveillance” Meshuggah from Koloss
Vulture” A Life Once Lost from Hunter
Desolation” Lamb of God from Resolution
Davidian” Machine Head from Burn My Eyes
Weight of the World” Shadows Fall from Fire From the Sky
A Greater Foundation” As I Lay Dying from Awakened
the Eyes of the Storm” Becoming the Archetype from I Am
“Elements of Earth” Gorod from a Perfect Absolution
Spurn the Outstretched Hand” Revocation from Tetrogensis
Sick Fire” Tracedawn from Lizard Dusk
As We Speak” Soilwork from Natural Born Chaos
“Istid” Vintersorg from Orkan
“Facepalm Mute” Periphery from II: It’s Personal
Divide My Destiny” God Forbid from Determination
12 Steps” Vision of Disorder from Imprint
“Engine” Haste” from When Reason Sleeps (btw, still among my favorite breakdowns, seeing them pull a 7/4 prog breakdown over the CBs crowd was beyond…)
One on the Ground” Coalesce
7 Stitches” Disembodied from Heritic
Vulture” the Overseer from We Search, We Dig
Bayonettwork: Vultures, In Vivid Color” Norma Jean from oh God, the Aftermath
“Monolithic Destractions” Behold… the Arctopus from Horroscension
Crud” Carbomb from w^w^^w^w (because neck couldn’t be dissected like disembodied could in this case)
43% Burnt” the Dillinger Escape Plan from Calculating Infinity
Thorough.Modern” Exotic Animal Petting Zoo from Tree of Tongues
If these Bullets Could Talk” the Number Twelve Looks Like You from Rosy Red Glasses
Antiseptic Bloodbath” Tourniquet from Antiseptic Bloodbath
Catalyst” Prototype from Catalyst
native blood” Testament

“Once a Liar Always a Fake” For All Those Sleeping from Outspoken

and, as a post-script because it didn’t fit in the list but easily could land among my top few for the year as a release:
“We All Rage In Gold” Neurosis from Honor Found in Decay


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