election 2012: the aftermath

I have lots and lots of statements I could make about the election.

Outcomes I’m elated by.

And ones I’m biased in my disappointment of.

But three things resonate with me the most about the aftermath of Election 2012 and I’m about to rant a little because, well, I can…

First, the of the fundamental flaw of how the average United States Citizen perceives the electoral process in the twenty-first century is that it’s all about winning and loosing. To too many that’s the entire focus of everything, unfortunately. When you view it through that lenses, like that of a sports team or of war you miss the real point of the electoral process in general. The outcome of elections isn’t winners and losers it is the creation of a body representatives, it’s more akin to a birth
until we as a nation re-embrace the correct analogy to what our electoral process is we’ll be forever embattled by it, we’ll bully as winners and whine as losers and accomplish no good.

Second, there was absolutely, positively nothing tragic about the election. You know what’s fucking tragic?

Hurricane Sandy is tragic.
Hurricane Katrina was tragic.
The space shuttles blowing up were tragic.

Nine fucking eleven was tragic.

Get a grip and come back to reality folks. Just because the candidate you didn’t support now represents you isn’t a tragedy. It might be frustrating because you feel no commonality to them, and depending on your relationship with the candidate that is not representing you it might even be upsetting but the only tragedy here is that your so blindly selfish that you’ve forgotten what real tragedy looks like and are mired in spinning useless hypoberally. In this case, I implore you to please go back and review point one before re-opening the vitriol.

And as an final thought: If you don’t like what your representative is doing, exercise the correct First Amendment Right, which is not Free Speech by the way (you’ve already done too much of that with your vitriol), but rather “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Be responsible and affect change rather than pouting that you didn’t get “your way.” It’s not about your way, it’s about our way, as a nation, as these United States of America. The Founding Father’s didn’t give you a right to be an ass, they gave you a right to tell the Government what you need, so stop your over-dramatic assault on the Free Speech clause and the real victims of real tragedies on message boards and start calling your town’s Mayor, your state’s Governor and the rest of your locally elected officials and put their Civil Service oaths to work for all of us.

yet do no suppose because complain a little or because i can conceive a consolation for my toils which i may never now that i am wavering in my resolutions… those are as fixed as my fate – mary shelley

/end rant


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