mixtape: unity in chaos

Jersey Pride runs thick in my blood. Raised not born but damned proud. We are the bastard children of the New York City and Philadelphia megatropolis and have all the grit that one would expect fighting for our voice among two of the worlds most unforgettable cities. There’s no one explanation for it even if you read my Garden State post from way back in the day. Bad joke, but it was the “gods” punishing us for me giving up my Dirty Jerz residency.

New York City is my home now. It doesn’t sleep, is larger than life and it’s said if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. There’s a sense of we’ve seen everything, we’ve done everything so there’s nothing you can bring on we can’t handle. And, truly we’ve been tested.

My love of the tri-state region (however you want to define it) runs so deep that the pain we’re all in now hurts more than the damage to friends and families homes it digs right into the heart that makes us all us, even if we don’t want to acknowledged one another on the train or sidewalk or shopping mall or church parking lot, we’ll drop everything to rally around one another now, unlike any other place in the world.

This is my mix of songs that remind me the pride of Jersey, the brawn of New York and the will that makes us all the stength beyond strength we all are, every day… but particularly now, where there’s unity in chaos and hope for a future redefine again by our ultimate triumph in tragedy. I warn you, the list is a little goofy, and leaning heavy, and definitely a good balance between the uplifting and the unrelenting…

“Better Days” the Bouncing Souls from the Gold Record
“5 Year Plan” H2O from self-titled “My Friends look Out For Me Like Family!”
“Hold My Own” Biohazard from self-titled “I will not back down, holding my own, I stand my ground”
“Going All Out” Sick of it All from Life on the Ropes “If there’s a barrier up I’m pushing through it A door slammed in my face I’m kicking through it”
“Apparition” Most Precious Blood from Merciless “From deaths grasp, i shall rise, and will rise”
“What You Are” Vision of Disorder from Imprint “Start a New Beginning, stop your wasted dreaming”
“Please Don’t Shoot the Piano Player…” Folly from Insanity Now “I offer my hand as an equal, as a friend.”
“Work in Progress” Candiara from Process of Self.development “Exceed beyond the trends, break the limits I’ve been sent”
“Where We Come From” God Forbid from Equilibrium “No time to rest, no time to wonder why, we all must remember where we come from”
“Precious Memories” East of the Wall from the Apologist

I’m sure I could put more thought into this as we continue the recovery and come up with many more, this is just a beginning…


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