mixtape: stormy weather

Another Monday Mixtape and another all to obvious theme. Originally this was going to be a autumnal mix, All Hallow’s Eve style, something eerie, haunting, moody and evil. Then Hurricane Sandy and with the greater tri-state area in lock-down and an unusual “superstorm” threatening to unleash damaging winds, massive flood waters and all kinds of other potential chaos I thought a few odes to the stormy weather might be in order. Some of these will be direct references to the power of nature, others will be more metaphorical to the mighty changes of emotions and the impact of life, but all of which probably speak to some of the tension and anxiety as well as some of the “listen, we’re Jersey Strong, we’re New Yorkers, this is Strong Island and so on, we’ve seen it all, survived it all and do it better than anyone else.” Maybe we’ll have to showcase that strong arm in a later post, for the time being, enjoy the brilliance of a few bands that create the atmosphere of the oncoming storm all too well:

“Orkan” Vintersorg” from Orkan (Hurricane)
“An Ancient Sign of Oncoming Storm” Amon Amarth from Fate of Norns
“Vela, Together we Await the Storm” the Human Abstract from Nocturne
“Storm Warning” Textures from Silhouettes
“Embrace the Storm” Sepultura from Kairos
“Storm Winds” Shadows Fall from Threads of Life
“Perfect Storm” Before the Dawn from Rise of the Pheonix
“Weather the Storm” Insomnium from One for Sorrow
“Ocean of Water” East of the Wall from Ressentiment
“the Storm Before the Calm” Anathema from Weather Systems
“When the Storm Subsides” In This Moment from Beautiful Tragedy
“Floods” Pantera from the Great Southern Trendkill
“Beneath the Tides” Down from III Over the Under
“The City in the Sea” the Ocean from Aeolian
“Left to Wander” Neurosis from the Eye of Every Storm
“Suns First Rays” Primordial from Storm Before Calm
“After the Flood” Crisis the Hollowing
“Not Unlike the Waves” Agalloch from Ashes Against the Grain

And, a special single song post-script, because it truly encompasses the whole image in one song
“Jacob’s Ladder” Rush from Permanent Waves


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