spam poetry: between sports entries

This Friday’s spam poetry fun come courtesy of the only blog spam I received that wasn’t football or baseball merchandise related stuff. Yes, I know it’s that time of year, with with MLB playoffs underway and the NFL hitting its stride, but that’s no reason to post discounted injured player jerseys all over my blog! I’ll save the rest of the sarcasm and just dive right into the spam, because that’s where the real meat of the matter is anyhow… it’s a long one so sit back and enjoy the fatty goodness:

And libel.
Which be letter, champion. his caution downstream.
Have artistry on landau duel.
An to lingual refractory potent. saving by exhibition. standby stereo on tubular.
But even? on Have.
That denominational by weekday. do banjo I collision. do at oxide.
Go no onyx. In to battery baritone formative. carp at ascertain.
It designs by jukebox.
Not moreover?
Not so boardroom secretary. it barrel
He dodge.
The psoriasis.
Be on piston. you an swelling real fixture. protocol do clipping. at mart, terrestrial an expedition.
But concept. by a colt, matter. you rest contribution. you veto do inbound starlight.
As in demise revoke links. onslaught so voluntary. blueprint chute he emulate.
I a caught orange.
At of at linger do ephemeral.
Be in encode.
An a bless airmail anybody. so at paleontology nemesis friendly. wavelength go adopt. negotiation a facilities boyfriend. do printable.
To exert forward sweatshirt. on notice? of was.
Are what it natural.
The metallic The fuel.
My be hypnosis.
Or a forgotten.
An so osprey topical substandard. prosecute no therapeutic.
Are tighten? a on. on moor do communique.
A fraught To scorecard.
Or do accompaniment. by is dismantle.
My on spanish angst clinging. indignation of patriotic.
That pesky of hallway.
Be menace? on a defiance loss.
Of gossip his madame.
I complain. Is no toxicology.
It it manual annals baccalaureate. crackers at powder. of solitude, reactor is cardiac.
I fourteenth?
That my total proceed. in modular so cent. was videotape.
Not it margarine. in at fortnight knot chancellor. recent the chic. on valuation, riff a pendant. do nail? in so.
For anus at metabolic. it bottom her number.
As to portage.
To in presidential. you be pang wiring preceding. preset as cooperative.
Are racially or corvette.
He lobby? no The.
Go renal the victim. in bath
Of descent.
For as hooker.
But as phosphorus. I of aster boat treat. moderator go consonant.
My puma no measured.


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