quip: binders in politics

They say there are just some things you don’t talk about at the dinner table. There’s just no polite way usually to deal with the differences of opinion that spark more emotion than intellect and that’s mostly why I tend to also stay away from them here. However, sometimes, something just happens in a conversation that’s gone awry.

In making fun of each of the candidates quirkiness and foibles things really went downhill with the awesome Romney Binders full of Women meme from the Presidential debate the other day. I take no credit for the quip itself, only for the swift setup to it:

Friend: correction he got handed the binder full of women
Me: Well, Jack had his black book of the ladies and Clinton had the room off the Oval Office for special sequester so I suppose a binder makes sense for Mr. Businessman – but his no Billy or Jack
Friend: Ahaha well Ryan thought he was; Ryan is buffer than Jack though and younger than Billy, but that might be it, but he’s not fucking Maryln, or, I guess that would be Lady Gaga these days so um no, not JFK
Me: We’ve fallen into the women-as-objects trap! Binders oh, Binders. It’s amazing that women even look at them beyond their political power. It’s not like they’re Playgirl hot or anything…the ladies seem to think Ryan’s got a bod, but I just don’t get it
Friend: haha right at best he’s Eddie munster on steroids!!
Me: does that mean you just called Mitt Cousin It??
Friend: Nope, Cousin Dip Shit.

And it’s exactly conversations like this that stopped my former sports blogger partner and I from continuing to live-blog major events…


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