mixtape: the oncoming storm

There’s a difference between the guilty pleasure of doomy Sabbath-inspired post-stoner fritz fuzz and arty exuberance in the most destitue sounding bayeau-esque storm. It’s the slow-motion steel tipped boot to the cranium that this list is really about. The dynamics that are progressed over the exorbenant lengths of these songs, the use of textures throughout the instrumentation to offset the shear abrasion of most of the vocals, the pictoresque gray-scale themes the compositions depict and the granual nature in which they move like sand on the beach ebbing and flowing in the tidal path are what make these such devistating listens. You cannot easily wash off their impact nor can you stand in the way of the reconstruction they create in their massive scale and bulldozing approach. It’s a slow, deliberate reckoning, reshaping the nature of being as it crawls from the primal sudge and reluctlantly into the oncoming storm:

“Tribolite” Mastodon from Remission
“the Human Stain” the Ocean from Fluxion
“Blackness of Day” Advent from Naked and Cold
“Planets Colide” Crowbar from Odd Fellows Rest
“Vessels / Vassels” American Heritage from Sedintary
“Clocked in, Punched Out” the Cursed from Two
“Breaking Point” the Levithian Hex from their self-titled
“A Shrine for the Sleepless” Awake in Sleep from their self-titled
“Swollen and Halo” Baroness from Blue Record
“Conquor” Jesu from Conquor
“I” Burried Inside from Spoils of Failure
“Moving to Montana” Will Haven from Carpe Diam
“the Doorway” Neurosis from Times of Grace
“Way Through Woven Branches” Isis from the splits
“Arrival” Cult of Luna from the Beyond
“Another Perfect Day” Another Perfect Day from Songs Left Behind
“Prehistoricisms” Intronaut from Prehistoricisms
“Hushabye:Goodnight” Starkweather from Craotoan
“Blessed Black Wings” High on Fire from BBW
“the Way is Narrow” Iron Age from the Sleeping Eye
“Calm” A Hope for Home from In Abstraction

and, for good measure, even though i couldn’t come to terms where to place it (yeah, I was being that lazy)
“Equliberium” Cathedral from the Forest of Equliberium


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