quip: Friday the 12th

Today is Saturday, the 13th, making yesterday Friday the 12th. One day shy of Jason Voorhees day. I ran across a picture of dear old Jason looking dejected standing in front of one of those tear off calendars with the 12th on it. It made me giggle so I shared it with some friends who would appreciate the humor and the resulting conversation became this:

Me: I think I saw him on the 6 headed to Comiccon today actually
Friend You should of followed him, I would be doing so myself if I wasnt already working today
Me I don’t need to follow Jason while he stalks slutty girls and whoring boys, I’ll just wait for the slashing to show up on the 10 o’clock news and wonder if Harley from CroMags was his wingman
Friend I’d offer to film it and sell it as an idie film, ” the life of sad virigin”
Me: Already a film, straight out of today’s headlines, its F13 P99: Machete-wielding man on bicycle crashes girl’s birthday party; steals beer in Florida


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