quick shot: Fantasy Fourth!

When last we left my Fantasy Baseball Leagues I was jockeying for position in both leagues and in the end Fantasy Sports Tarnation I managed to hold down exactly each of the top six positions for both teams (in pretty deep ten plus team leagues) and came out with essentially the same results in the end. Overall, it was a fun year, though quieter than most on the smack talk from in the second half and as you’ll see a lot less adventurous player wise as well.

Team One

Not a lot of movement in the starting line up at all, a few tweaks just to shore up things and to keep my under the moves limit were more than enough to provide offense. As for starting pitching the frustration with Josh Johnson finally boiled over leading to his removal and Lilly’s injury never really rebounded him but other than that the pitching was remarkably consistent in the second half

Starting the playoffs in second place overall meant I got the bye. Then, in an odd set of circumstances both myself and the first place team both got bumped in the semis by our rivals by the same score setting up a finals match between 1 and 2 for the 3 and 4 spots. You can guess how that worked out as the regular season first place team that had steamrolled the rest of the league in the second half worked its magic on me. It could have gone differently in that each category was close and there were a lot of category ties but I was on the losing end of almost anything that wasn’t so it looked worse in the box score than it really was. Oh, and by the way, the teams vying for first, tied.

C/1B Carlos Santana [CLE]
1B Billy Butler [KC]
1B/OF Allan Craig [STL]
2B Robinson Cano [NYY]
SS Asdrubal Cabrera [CLE]
3B Pedro Alverez [PIT]
OF Jay Bruce [CIN]
OF Carlos Beltran [STL]
OF Yoenis Cespedes [OAK]
OF Alejandro DeAza [CWS]

SP RA Dickey [NYM]
SP Chris Sale [CWS]
SP Gio Gonzalez [WAS]
SP Wade Miley [ARI]
SP Matt Harrison [TEX]
SP Tommy Milone [OAK]
SP Tim Hudson [ATL]
SP CC Sabbathia [NYY]
SP Ross Detwiler [WAS]

RP Craig Kimbrel [ATL] *
RP Casey Janssen [TOR] *
RP Ryan Cook [OAK] *

Team Two

Although the starting lineup looks remarkably the same to mid-season the injury merry-go-round did create some turnover while guys were DL’ed or benched where most of the moves where temporary solutions between maneuvering what really was a fairly predictable lineup when healthy. Really the biggest flumux in the whole thing was in Matt Kemp but for anyone who followed this season even passively this requires no explanation. I did finally move Tim Lincecum and I’m ok with this even though he did begin a good turn around at the end of the season because the rest of the starting lineup was essentially unexpected aces or serviceable secondaries. Closers and stoppers were an Achilles heal all season, so was Roy Halliday but again like Kemp and Lincy it’s a story not worth repeating.

I wrapped up the season sitting in fifth place, pulled off the quarterfinal win only to get bumped unceremoniously by the first place team in the semis and landed in fourth to close out the playoff finals. I was so close on third place too considering that we tied across the board and that a mere point on most of the categories was the difference between tying or taking it for either of us. The technical push to forth was due to their initial standing at 2nd, but technically it was a tie finish.

C Miguel Montero [ARI]
1B/OF Adam Dunn [CWS]
1B/OF Corey Hart [MIL]
2B Jose Altuve [HOU]
SS Elvis Andrus [TEX]
3B Aamis Ramirez [MIL]
LF/CF/RF Carlos Gonzalez [COL]
LF/RF Josh Reddick [OAK]
CF Austin Jackson [DET]
CF Matt Kemp [LAD]
RF Shin-so Choo [CLE]

SP RA Dickey [NYM]
SP Chris Sale [CWS]
SP Cole Hammels [PHI]
SP Johnny Cueto [CIN]
SP Chris Capuano [LAD]
SP Ryan Dempster [CHC]
SP Sean Marcum [MIL]
SP Roy Halliday [PHI]
SP Matt Harrison [TEX]
SP Wade Miley [ARI]

RP Casey Janssen [TOR]
RP Tom Wilhelmsen [SEA]
RP Tyler Clippard [WASH]


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