quip: virtual hot potato

We’re breaking in a new ticketing system in the office to handle work flow. I know no more about this project management software than anyone else, but I’m obviously the expert with the question list I get. In my experience teaching people systems with so many moving parts is to not get too mired in the details which usually includes a few ill-timed, probably not as funny pokes at how things “work” such as this “description” of assigning owners:

friend: So, what does it mean by owner? do I assign it to myself?
me: the owner is defined as whomever is executing that particular part of the ticket at a given time. If you are requesting someone do something, you make them owner. when they finish and send it for approval to you, you’re owner. when you send it for revisions, they’re owner. They send it back to you for re-approval, you’re owner. It’s like a mad game of virtual hot potato and you don’t want to be stuck holding that 010011 too long or your hard-drive will fry.


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