quip: sharing lice is like an STD

I went to record release party the other night. I used to go to them all the time back in my younger days, but now my concert attendance is much less. Unlike a regular event where the guests are typically packaged together based on industry technicalities record releases are events that usually allow the artist themselves a bit more freedom on selecting their stage-mate. The choice of this particular opening act was interesting considering the type of show, but I suppose made sense in the context of a guest appearance on the record. Unfortunately, their style just wasn’t my thing as noted by these descriptions to a friend:

me: opening act, ugh…
friend: c’mon, can’t be that bad
me: it was bad, you know those dudes that sit on college campus’ with their guitars to attract chicks? the kind that’s play hackey sack, wear beanie caps and smoke cheep weed and only attract the granola girl unshaven, unwashed hippie types even though they’re aiming for the cheerleader?
friend: yeah (groaning) yeah
me: the kind that sharing lice is like an STD
friend: (over-stated) HA! freakin hipsters
me: he sounded like a eunuch with that Dave Mathew’s whimper and overly strummed guitar and knowing the get-laid rate of dudes with acoustic guitars is pretty low, maybe he was


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