mixtape: on the fritz

Long before the era of solid state circuits for stereo equipment there tubes in head units. They had to power up and cool down. There’s something nostalgic about the hum of tubes. They had an eerie glow to them back-lighting the unit that cast awkward shadows in dim rooms. They occasionally lent an audible fuzz to things as they burned out. And now, for most, they aren’t even a distant memory … but honestly, there are some bands and songs that just cry out as you listen to them for that warmth that only a tube device can really produce. Today, as the cool, crisp autumn air wafts through the window and the office works with half the overhead florescents out so the afternoon sun can bathe us in natural light it seemed like the perfect time to plug in the headphones and pretend to be anywhere but working and the perfect soundtrack to that escape would happen to be songs that have that by-gone era fuzz to them so reminiscent to that tubes-on-the-fritz memory I still have. It’s a vibe, and even if the progression makes sense to no one but me it’s still what it is:

“Fury Whip” High on Fire from Death is the Communication
“Through the Ashes (I Watched You Burn)” Crowbar from Sonic Excess in the Purest Form
“Killing the Flies” the Ocean from AEolian
“Head of the Baptist” the Cursed from Two
“Self Medication Blues” Eyehategod from Confederacy of Ruined Lives
“I” Buried Inside from Spoils of Failure
“Cold Waves” Awake in Sleep from self-titled
“Choke” Will Haven from self-titled
“Eye” Neurosis from Through Silver in Blood
“Mean Streets” Starkweather from Crossbearer
“Say it in Slugs” Entombed from Uprising
“Blood & Thunder” Mastodon (feat. Neal Fallon of Clutch) from Leviathan
“Rehab” Down from NOLA
“Broken Wings” Soil from El Chupacabra
“Rats USA” Scissorfight from Mantrapping for Sport & Fun
“Army of the Sun” from Roadrunner United featuring Williams & Flynn
“Albatross” Corrosion of Conformity from Deliverance
“Amend” the Overseer from We Search, We Dig
“Immortal” Clutch from Pure Rock Fury
“Something’s Got to Give” Seemless from self-titled
“the Prizefighter” Slo Burn from Amusing the Amazing
“Song of the Future from the Past” Signal to Noise from Kodiak
“Take My Bones Away” Baroness from Yellow
“Continental Drift” Virus from the Agent Shapes of the Desert


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