quip: forgot more than you knew

I fancy myself an Iron Maiden fan. In my youth I routinely scouted out rare artifacts, repurchased the catalog on every reissue and generally defined my love of all things heavy through having found Maiden. Their existence is embodied in a lot of firsts in my life, both musically and otherwise, so whenever anyone brings up anything Maiden, I’m apt to pipe in with my $20 worth (because I’ve a lot more than 2c invested in my love of them)

Recently a video of a very small child screaming Maiden in a very Dickinson sort of siren wail prompted a conversation in which fellow Maiden aficionado mentioned: Yes, I have kids, three of them in fact…and they all know more Iron Maiden song lyrics than all of you…combined. I took my 12 year old to her first Maiden concert this past Summer.

To which, I quipped: that’s because I’ve probably forgotten more Maiden lyrics than this whole group combined knew, but because I’m getting old and the mushy gray mass is leaky like a sieve when it comes to some stuff, unfortunately, as always though, I’m glad someone is Upping the Irons for the next generation because I’m not doing my part on the procreation side


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