never forget to overcome

never forget… a strong nation is only as strong as it’s people, as the individuals which compose the society. NYC/NNJ/DC/PA showed the world we are strong people… we are strong people, beyond politics, beyond politicians, beyond electoral rhetoric, beyond broken promises we are… the strength of a democratic republic, the culmination of combined hopes and dreams, the conglomeration of our pasts and the convergence of our futures and the aspirations to overcome… and on this day, we will, again, overcome. we will overcome as individuals. we will step up as people who’s combined and collective existence strives to build up one another, to carry on the acts of generosity, of hope, of respect that transcends the socio-cultural makeup of the individual… to do what the New York City metropolitan area always has done, be strong, be vibrant, be resilient, be the world. A year ago, I reflected on the decade past. today, I find myself looking forward with as much optimism as I can muster.


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