Asinine Akin and the illegitimacy of devaluing rape

I have not been raped. I’m lucky. Then again, I’m a guy. Rape of men is considered fairly rare.

Nor, ever accused of the act either. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a compromising position in the first place because I take my sexual conduct very seriously, but I’d like to think had I been I full well understand what consent is.

Apparently though there’s a rather large contingent of people, normally men, who not only carry a by-gone era’s perception that rape is simply buyer’s remorse and anything that’s not an “explicit no” must be an “implied yes” (and even at that, there’s more than a few who still think “no” is just playing “hard to get” and means yes anyhow).

It is absolutely stunning in this day and age we’re talking about defending the dual physical and psychological abuse of rapists and sensing around a way to tier their acts so that some are lesser in destructive power than others. Insinuating that by knowing someone it’s less of a rape or that if the raped victim had anything other than a completely defensive response to the possibility that it lessens the abusive act by the rapist is outlandishly insensitive and outright ignorant. Appearing to say (or worse outright saying) that pregnancy due to unwanted sexual advances is some kind of “gift from G-d” is asinine and demeaning to the traumatized at best, and at worst it’s the kind of blind faith ignorance destroying this country.

Rape statistics are very difficult to come by. No less than a few decades ago date and acquaintance rape didn’t exist and minorities regardless of the situation couldn’t be raped at all in the mind of the “law.” The vast majority of rapes go unreported to the authorities and health care professionals, which is reflected in my experience watching others go through it, making the few number available more difficult to decipher.

This lack of reporting and lack of care for the victims is a direct result of the “rape is ok” culture bread from decades of prudish ignorance predicated by the likes of GOP Senator Akin who seems to think there’s a legit version rape, where somehow because the woman has not explicitly said yes, and may or may not have said no, that her body would abort the rape induced pregnancy if it were indeed unwanted sex.

Um, no. That’s not at all how miscarriages work. Again, the documentation on miscarriages is sparse because by the medical meaning of the term most miscarriages happen in the first trimester and moreso in the first six weeks, oftentime without the woman knowing she was pregnant, be it from intentional insemination with the meaning of procreation or otherwise. And, of those that are reported the actual circumstances defining the miscarriage are not.

Nevermind, we don’t call miscarried pregnancies abortions and vice versa because that would not sit well with pro-lifers who prefer to put the work of their “god” or nature above the emotion and physical well being of the women in the decision making which is what makes the use of it here an acute insult to rape-survivors because it implies that if the body didn’t naturally miscarry after the rape then it must be the intention of their “god” they bag of cells be allowed to mature completely disregarding the physical and emotional well being of the woman.

Sure, there might be a few examples of women who carried a rape baby to term. Sure there are even fewer examples of women who were able to keep the baby and attempt to raise it, and even fewer examples still of women who in raising it didn’t project their own rape experiences onto the child’s life and damage it. There are also a few examples of raped women who successfully gave the child away, and within the foster and adoption system that child was able to successfully cope and lead a normal and healthy life. Unfortunately, however, those examples are few and far between compared to the number of rapes that regularly are convicted in the United States on a daily basis – that’s not counting the ones where the rape occurred and wasn’t convictable, wasn’t prosecuted because of a plea that took the rape off the books, wasn’t prosecutable due to any number of reasons such as lack of evidence, was renegged in prosecution because the raped wouldn’t or couldn’t bring themsevles to revictimization during trial, or wasn’t even reported because of the status of rape culture in general.

For GOPers like Akin, their non-medical belief is that those few, hand picked, examples of successful rape babies are the rule rather than the exception for babies and mothers alike. And, it projects their Christian, white, cisgender, male, who’s married, monied and has a visibly stable and secure multigenerationl family privilege status where they might be able to control aspects of the world onto women and children who are not gifted with that type of societal status in the first place.

Rape is a serious emo-physical trauma that the GOP have reduced to another example of women basically being baby-making cum dumpsters and that is not cool. Especially considering so many of them try and hide behind their own self-radicalized personal beliefs about “life” that don’t match either the medical community’s definitions at the moment, don’t match the legal definition as provided by the highest court of the US, and don’t even remotely match the Biblical definition of life which requires life begins at first breath as understood at the time being the natural first breath of birth.

It’s an arbritrary standard session because the Bible doesn’t support the wearing of glasses, or use of mixed fabrics, or the use of other “technologies” to aid in living it’s hard to believe the Bible would support all the man-made things used on premies to help them survive yet you don’t hear the any complaints there, since it seems, in that case it’s ok to “go against god’s will” by circumventing it with technology even though obvioiusly, god didn’t intend that no longer a bag of cells to survive.

or complaining about glasses on the rest of us for that matter.


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