quick shot: johnny on the spot

Here we are half way though the season and I’m feeling very much on the spot for both of my fantasy baseball teams. Fantasy Sports Tarnation As you remember I had the one-two picks and for the first third-plus of the season I was holding down the top spot essentially in both leagues. I surrendered it and then regain it and now seem to have permanently lost it to the likes of a few heckles and a few snickers and a few finger-points. Granted, I’ve had other things going on at points and neglected my team. I also felt like the Phils and BoSox with the way I had groups of players go down simultaneously, but I’ve figured out how to (mostly) rebound.

The fun of these leagues is somewhat the smack-talk, somewhat the baseball comradery, and somewhat the challenge of trying to work through the realities of managing a sport based solely on analytics. Considering my epic fail in statistics in the past, it’s amazing I can look at trends and make the guesses I do to be successful while ignoring the names of the players themselves (sometimes).

Team One

Majority of turn over, as you’d expect is in pitching. Under-performance, injury and a general dissatisfaction with particularly the middle meant playing around led to the turn over. I only made 16 moves, tied for 3rd fewest in a highly competitive and fairly deep league (most so far is 25). Dickey and Sale were amazing “bets” to take, and for a time I had rotated in a couple of other hot hands that I dropped as they cooled and had to rotate in guys from the DL. Including the All-stars listed below according to rankings there were 3 in the top five and 11 players on my roster in the top 100 with a handful more just on that cusp. Overall, I’m mostly happy with where the staff is at coming out of the ASG holding a spot in the top third of the league.

C/1B Carlos Santana [CLE]
1B Billy Butler [KC] All-star
1B/OF Bryan LeHair [NYY] All-star
1B/2B/3B Michael Young [TEX]
2B Robinson Cano [NYY] All-star
SS Asdrubal Cabrera [CLE] All-star
OF Jay Bruce [CIN] All-star
OF Carlos Beltran [STL] All-Star
OF Yoenis Cespedes [OAK]
OF Alejandro DeAza [CWS]

SP RA Dickey [NYM] All-star
SP Chris Sale [CWS] All-star
SP Gio Gonzalez [WAS] All-star
SP Wade Miley [ARI] All-star
SP Matt Harrison [TEX] All-star
SP Tommy Milone [OAK]
SP Tim Hudson [ATL]
SP Josh Johnson [MIA]

RP Craig Kimbrel [ATL] All-star
RP Casey Janssen [TOR]
RP Ryan Cook [OAK] All-star

DL Reserves
SP Ted Lilly [LAD]
SP CC Sabbathia [NYY] All-star

Team two

Falling from first to hardly in the top half hurt, a lot, especially considering how quick it happened and to the bottom-dwelling teams that I’m competing against as well as the now enormous gap(s) in the top few spots. This team, albeit more “balanced” was also more of a wild card. When it performed well, it was really, really well, but when it fails, it fails hard, particularly my eerie patience with Lincy (pending trade), who I should drop having completely been kryptonized this season. Then again, look at the turn over in the pitching and you can see my strategy (and trend). Furthermore, the pick of Matt Kemp only subtly paid off thus far, considering he’s been a bench-warming DL spot as much as he’s contributed stellar stats. After that consider the complete turn over of the OF (more than once!) because of injury and it’s a good thing I’ve always believed that position is a dime-a-dozen! I also figured out that pesky 1B postion after a bad bet or two on it 😉 In addition to the all stars listed there were 3 in the top 25 and 12 players in the top 100 with a few more on the cusp, then again, one that was outside of the top 1000!

C Miguel Montero [ARI]
1B Adam LaRoche [WASH]
1B/OF Adam Dunn [CWS] All-star
2B Jose Altuve [HOU] All-star
SS Jimmy Rollins [PHI]
SS Elvis Andrus [TEX] All-star
3B Aamis Ramirez [MIL]
LF/CF/RF Carlos Gonzalez [COL] All-star
LF/RF Josh Reddick [OAK]
CF Austin Jackson [DET]
RF Shin-so Choo [CLE]

DL reserve
CF Matt Kemp [LAD] All-star

SP RA Dickey [NYM] All-star
SP Chris Sale [CWS] All-star
SP Cole Hammels [PHI] All-star
SP Johnny Cueto [CIN]
SP Chris Capuano [LAD]
SP Ryan Dempster [CHC]
SP Jason Vargas [SEA]
SP Yovani Gallardo [MIL]
SP Tim Lincecum [SF]

RP Casey Janssen [TOR]
RP Jon Broxton [KC]
RP Tyler Clippard [WASH]

DL reserve
SP Roy Halladay [PHI]
SP Sean Marcum [MIL]


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