mixtape: my dad

OK, sure, Father’s day is past, but who needs an arbitrary hall-mark day to remember one’s dad? I wrote the other day how much I love my dad, and well, since he helped define me musically, here’s what I will remember him for … those Sunday breakfasts with the radio on, those random needle drops in the living room on the hi-fi, those moments in the basement listening next to the reel-to-reel, those encouraging times as I adopted my own musical identity going to concerts, recording my basement bands and adoring my progression as a musician… here’s looking at you, papa’ my top 10 songs, in no particular order:

1 “Someday my prince will come” Miles Davis – the day you played this cassette was the day I fell in love with Jazz, and it changed my mind about music, it let me love music …
2 “Saturday in the Park” Chicago -I hear this on the radio and I think of all the Union Co. parks, the fireworks, those early fishing trips…
3 “Wipeout” the Ventures – I associate this with you, but not as the first drum solo as much as one that you were so excited to hear me figure out early on playing
4 “Sing Sing SingBenny Goodman feat. Gene Krupa (the god!) – I remember hearing this and feeling like, yes, I AM a percussionist, this is the song that “gave” me music, that “made” me a drummer and that is why I am here now 😉
5 “for Whom the Bells TollMetallica – how many times did you record this in the basement with my band playing it, including us playing it backward and on one another’s instruments because THAT was fun to listen to?
6 “ThunderstruckAC/DC – yeah, you went to that concert and were thinking wow, where was this when I was your age? I think you knew more words to songs than I did!
7 “I’ve Seen All Good People” Yes – I know you’ll never get the Lewis Carroll references for our youth but for me this was a huge song and seeing the Union tour in the round with you was amazing
8 “White RabbitJefferson Airplane – You took my interest in Lewis Carroll and found the perfect song to express it, and introduced me to Grace Slick and opened my ears to the beauty of female vocals in rock
9 “Wonderful World” – Lewis satchmo Armstrong – you always had a way of tying great songs into some kind of story, wind it into some kind of memory and this is another one of those that are inseparable form you
10 “the TrooperIron Maiden might not be my quintessential Maiden experience but it’s the only one i associate with you … and the lyrics, “so when you’re waiting for the next attack you better stand there’s no turning back” somehow remind me off all the great advice over the years too


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