recipe: east-meets-west tuna

Every once in a while you have to just clean out the fridge. Today’s recipe was a direct result of just such an endevour. The avacado was just about to get to over-ripe, the baby spinach was just shy of turning as was the fresh cilantro, the lime was ready and the life on tuna is pretty short so it needed to be used.

An interesting approach to this was the “east-meets-west” way of putting this together. Tuna fits in so many cultures so fluidly. Most of what I had seems to fit the “west” side of things, but the approach using tea, soy and sriracha are distinctly “east”

loose black tea
olive oil
black pepper
sea salt
lime zest (the juice is used later)
hot sear surface

In the blender combine the fresh garlic, ginger, loose black tea, lime zest and olive oil and pulse
Add the salt, black pepper and sriracha and pulse again
allow the combination to set between 15 min and overnight
slather refrigerator cooled tuna with the mixture and let set for 15 min minimum
Do NOT cook the tuna until everything else is prepped and ready for serving as the last step is over high heat sear off the tuna on both sides
the best tuna will be served rare to medium rare to ensure the integrity of both the tuna and the marinade, any longer and you should allow the tuna to set up significantly longer in the marinade to ensure full penetration, adding low sodium soy sauce to the marinade will help
At the same time you are searing off the tuna, split the lime in halves or quarters and grill them off as well, you’ll serve the lime on the side as extra acid as desired to the final plate

Tea Grits

black tea (in bags)
lime juice (from the earlier zested limes)
olive oil
homily grits
stock (fish or veggie)

add the olive oil to the pan and bring up to a medium temp
while it’s coming up to temp grate the ginger and garlic into the stock
lightly toast the homily grits in the hot oil and then immediately add the stock, lime juice and the black tea (if lose be sure you have it in a steeping vessel that makes easy removal)
Allow to cook according to package instructions, I prefer quick cook grits, 5-10 minutes with about a 1:1 ratio, but check yours


Baby spinach, kale, bock choy etc
olive oil
bag of black tea

I love lightly wilted leafy greens and this only works if you’re careful in following the instructions!

in the olive oil add the bag of black tea, then grate the garlic and ginger
then toss the leafy greens in the mixture a few times till they just barely begin to wilt
As desired toss the sriracha in the mix

Tuna topping
baby spinach
olive oil
soy sauce
sriracha pepper sauce
black tea
blender or food processor

In the blender combine 2:1:1 of the soy, lime and tea
add to that 1:1:0.5 ginger, garlic and a the sriracha pepper
add a dash of olive oil and the baby spinach, about 1/2 cup per avocado (assuming you’re using one whole avacado so far)
pulse until combined, don’t reduce to a paste!
Skin and core the alvacado and add to it to the blender and lightly pulse to combine
You’re doing this last because once the tuna rests you will scoop this on top of each and serve



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