mixtape: in memory

Not long ago someone very close to me lost someone important to them and the passing closed a chapter in a family’s story. It was incredibly sad, for me, not just because I felt the sorrow of the family coping with the loss, but because it dredged up painful memories for me. At the funeral there was a military salute, complete with the flag ceremony and gun firing. It moved me and reminded me of my own grandfather’s passing. Moreso, too, his life. In hearing the wonderful memories of a bygone era, of grandparents and swing music and post-war families I was brought back to my own family’s stories and the ones still told of our good times, and bad, and those that continue to make us giggle when most other’s might be appalled because only if you were one of us would you find something so traumatic so humorous.

Due to the numerous parallels, I decided to put together a tribute for the family that reflected some of the stories they told, some of the songs we found on cassette tapes, some of the memories I myself have of my grandparents and their eras and their loves. I’m not the authority I’d like to be and I was limited to the music I’ve digitized rather than the full collection at my disposal but I think this is an accurate and interesting interpretation worth sharing:

Nat King Cole “Unforgettable”
Count Basie “the Kid from Red Bank”
Cab Calloway “King Porter Stomp”
Bing Crosby “Pennies from Heaven”
Long Tall Dexter Gordon “I Should Care”
the Dorseys “Tenderly”
Duke Ellington “A-Train”
Miss Ella with Satchmo “Stompin’ at the Savoy”
Ol’ Blue Eyes Sinatra “My Way”
Billie Holiday “Cheek to Cheek”
Benny Goodman “When I Grow Too Old”
Miss Ella “Manhattan”
Dean Marin “Till Somebody Loves you”
Etta James “the Pick Up
Sarah Vaughn “September Song”
Tommy Dorsey “Boogie Woogie”
Miles Davis “Someday My Price Will Come”
Satchmo “What a Wonderful World”

Gene Krupa (w/ Benny) “Sing Sing Sing”


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