spam poetry: bugling Christianizers tablets

It’s time to bust out your decoder ring because the old school returned recently to the blog spam-trap. The seemingly random passages of apparently unrelated words used to be all the rage. Well, they’ve made their return making me wonder if pickling is obliterating or if there is abdominal comradeship I should be aware of. Probably not, but the possibility of how to interpret these is endless even if most of it is also balderdash. Let your brain wander in freaky Friday fashion with the verbal trickle of this Serafin:

Serafin trickles:bidder infernal currently
anthracite:mushroom unambitious linguistically retrospective Kuenning
lazybones:Salem have, ponder.infrequent interdict abdominal comradeship bookkeeping snigger
fastenings:Downs drunkard Fischer Freya Hugo wreckage bridgework nightmarish committeemen noxious facets Renaults: Zionism,specimen pickling obliterating Southernwood arched!increments grave anther Brinkley McGowan: slops hardhat comedian
Humphrey: Munson checked
encamped:truce:sculptor anvil guaranteeing vastly elect Dickerson belched
flatbed: graphs dismisses impoverish misleads eradicates adhesives?
Angelica: Isaiah colloquium defines enrollments
temporarily: bugling Christianizers tablets


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