quip: Betelgeuse

I belong to an online music critics group where anyone can pose a question and everyone within the group can respond. For the most part we are a fairly known quantity of exceptionally well versed people. Knowing music is kinda like knowing home decor or the English language. It’s a limited number of people who actually do know these things, yet everyone likes to think they do, even when they have no clue. I’ve learned a lot from the group and I’m a music conservatory graduate with several decades critical analysis and performance behind me in a number of wide ranging genres which shows you how amazing the group really is.

We were discussing the imagery of a particular artist who has a flare that’s definitely from the horror a go-go vibe in that lineage of Kiss, Bowie and Alice Cooper where it’s a caricature, a tongue-in-cheep presentation of the idea of one’s self… which led to this finality in the conversation:

Friend: as long as he doesn’t take himself seriously – i am okay with it. i was just really confused.
Me if you walked around looking like that and took yourself seriously you’d have to be stuck in a tim burton film in perpetuity
friend: i remember a time when being stuck in a tim burton film was my dream in life
Me Mine too, Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse … damned, didn’t work


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