recipe: black bean and black-eyed pea salad

It is getting into spring recipes and the need for light and easy to enjoy recipes are at the forefront like salads and cold soups and the like. This salad was actually derived from a black eyed peas salsa idea we experimented with over the winter. Lately, I’ve been craving just that, but it’s not something you make a small order out of. My partner-in-kitchen-crime suggested we do something with black beans to satiate her craving which is where this salad was born. I love the pairing of the two beans, which are a key to one of my bean chilis and a soup I make in the fall and winter. I pick-and-choose my way though what to include in it by how my grocery shopping trip went, which is quite typical of our cooking habit – eat what looks fresh and interesting.

The goal was to balance the soft, creamy texture of the beans and cheese with the snap of the veggies as well as create a flavor profile that brought together sweet, acidic and spicy, all the while trying to use ingredients that are for the most part healthy in different ways. Since she’s vegetarian we didn’t include meats or fish or other such products that would probably play very nicely with the dish. I considered adding in a meat-substitute, but in the end the salad seemed hearty enough itself with proteins to spare in it. There are lots of ways to reconfigure the recipe but changing out the type of beans or some of the vegetable components or adjusting the vinaigrette dressing with other flavors. Also, it works well in other applications too, such as draining off the maceration liquid and serving over brown rice or in a tortilla or baking it in a casserole, among other ideas that crossed my mind while piecing it together.

extra virgin olive oil
apple cider vinegar
lime – juice an zest
mustard french dijon style or whole grain cajun style
molasses bootstrap black style
bourbon (or other American Whiskey)
as preferred vinegar & cayenne based hot sauces Crystal or as desired McLihenny’s, Franks, etc as they tend to blend better

dried crushed rosemary and bay
fresh cracked pepper corns – black, white and pink
sea salt flakes
ancho chili powder
Portuguese sweet paprika
as preferred hot seasoning(s) (cayenne, Hungarian paprika, ground chopolte, red pepper flakes, etc)

vadalia onion (or red onion as preferred)
bell pepper(s) green, red, etc
mild hot pepper(s) poblano, cubano, etc
celery – stem and leaves
crushed garlic cloves
(roasted) corn kernels
brined black beans
brined black-eyes peas (or red beans or other contrasting beans)

quartered grape or cherry tomatoes (or diced regular tomatoes)
cubed cheddar, monterey jack or cheese
cubed ripened avocado
fresh cilatro (and/or flat leaf parsley)

chiffonade of curly kale
chiffonade of collard greens
fresh baby spinach
coarse chop of dark romaine lettuce

The dressing
You can make in advance and hold or you can make before prepping the rest of the meal and allow it to set up.

Combine 1:1 cider vinegar and olive oil
zest the lime into the mixture
crush the garlic, mince and add to the mixture
Combine 2:1:1:05 above mixture with molasses and lime juice and bourbon
Combine about equal parts of all the spices and add to the liquid mixture
Add mustard in small amounts whisking in until the oil and vinegar / citrus begin to “bond”
Add hot sauce as desired for additional heat.

The bean mixture
I wasn’t sure what to really call this part, but it’s everything except the leafy part of the salad that should steep in the dressing to really bring the flavor together for the dish.

Peel and dice the jicama and onion, dice bell pepper, hot pepper, celery (everything should be similar sized, so a little bigger than the average bean size) and add to the dressing.
Add into the dressing the corn, pumpkin seeds and drained black beans and black eyed peas
Mix, being careful not to crush the beans in the process and allow to stand for the flavors to meld
Quarter the tomatoes and cube the cheese
fold gently into the mixture
Because we like beans and that’s the centerpiece of the dish we were looking for about a 1:1.5 ratio of beans to the entirety of other ingredients in this section

Constructing the salad
Lay down a bed of the leafy greens
Ladle the bean and dressing mixture over the top
Dice the alvacado and put over the top of the salad
Garnish with some cilantro and celery leaves


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