spam poetry: Checking your Personal

Yahoo quickly became my least useful webmail client over the last few months because of the influx on unfiltered spam cluttering the main inbox. It isn’t even like the address is used for newsletters or as part of a log in identifier where I’d suspect it might have been resold to shady businesses freeloading on my well intended use of the address. The upside to this unfortunate failure of Yahoo to identify and segment out unwanted messages is I see a lot more diverse spam for these Friday posts, even if the quality of spam is generally not up to my preferred standard. This week there really wasn’t much at all to choose from – I mean, seriously, who’s going to click on this, apart from for the tongue-in-cheek Double entendre it alludes to:

You Are Ƥŕe-Approved $:
FAST. Get up to 12 ín 60 Minutes!
INSŤANT Online Appŕoval. Nö Checking your Personal.
SAFE. Guaranteed.
EFFECTIVE. Solves all Pŕoblems.
UNIVERSAL. For Eveŕyone.
SAŤISFYING. No Fail. Money Back.


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