mixtape: resurrection

Recently, they resurrected Tupac as a hologram for Coachella. Natalie Cole brought back her legendary heritage several times in duets with Nat. The Beatles even got back together for a brief and ‘freeing’ moment.

The recent passing of the Beastie Boy’s MCA made me further think about what I would adore to see who’s passed, if given the chance to. There are so many different ways of resurrecting the dead for such a compilation. One could just dig up the singular performances they’d love to see by bands or artists in their usual setting. Or, one could create a fascinating number of super groups. Or, one could piece together Frankenstein monster ideas of mashups. None of these would be wrong, or right.

Or, one could approach what I would which is a perhaps propose some interesting what-ifs. Death, especially prematurely robs us of what could have been. Since there’s no real knowing what might have become it creates an interesting dichotomy to consider how similarly influenced people might have conspired together to create something unique.

So imagine the following sonic lineages working together and then shake your head in awe, fright or disgust:

MCA Paul Revere (with the Beastie Boys)
Frank Zappa Yellow Snow Suite
both men are writers, performers, producers and true artists with a sense of humor that is accentuated by a keen eye for society while being mindful for the elicit nature of mankind. the beauty of their statements is in the nature of it’s ever unique delivery

Gene Krupa Sing Sing Sing (with Benny Goodman’s Orchestra)
John Henry “Bonzy” Bonham Moby Dick (with Led Zeppelin)
both percussionists (and they were, not drummers) have a complete irreverence for their style, they are brash, bombastic and for their times caustically artistic. They lay down groove that is technically proficient but is derived from emotional exhaustion

Jimi Hendrix 3rd Stone from the Sun (with the Experience)
Les Paul Sleepwalk (honestly, I didn’t know what to pick = enter crits here)
both men redefined so much for music. yes, they are known as guitarists but what they did to their guitars, and their studios, and those people around then making music was insane and unequaled and the list of adj goes on and on

Robert Johnson Hellhound on my Trail
Howlin’ Wolf Mr. Highway Man
Stevie Ray Vaughn Couldn’t Stand the Weather (with Double Trouble)
(the instrument is supposed to be used one way for your genre and you decided to use it another and ended up here. what’s remarkable is how much the three sound the same and yet reflect their eras, yet don’t sound anything like the popular peers of their times for each)


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