quip: eff yeah cab

The MTA is in a constant state of repair. It’s no surprise when lines run on other lines, express runs local, delays are abundant, etc. as much as it can range from a minor inconvenience or utter annoyance. Back in my Jersey days I used to joke about the “Two River Rule” which is I don’t cross two rivers (the Hudson and East) ever because I might never come home! Well, living on Manhattan Island now, there’s only on river between me and the Island of Long now but trips to Brooklyn or Queens are still not without their trials, as was the other night were several subway repair reroute, a blown transformer stopping train traffic and a crazy taxi driver were among some of the adventure in getting to our DUMBO destination after the over hour trip in.

So when on the return trip my travel companion inquired if I wanted to take the one cab that happened to be available to hail my response was an immediate:

“of course I want to take that taxi and get the fck out of Brooklyn. there’s no reason to stay in this god forsaken transportation void any longer than we have too!”


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