How do I: get to the consumer’s voice

User feedback is like the Holy Grail of product management. Tracking and statistical analysis can help but it only really shows what is happening as it is happening. Then, we make inferences as to why. We make A/B tests in an attempt to prove are inferences are correct and determine the success based on tracking and more statistical analysis. In the end though, we still don’t know why. Good user feedback provides the why narrative.

Furthermore, tracking tells you what’s happened after it happens. Quality user feedback programs can tell you what might happen before you even invest a lot into the product or features or programs themselves.

Unfortunately, there are all too many reasons to overlook it.

The first step in rectifying your situation is to identify what kinds of user feedback would benefit your situation.

We have the Numbers

Sometimes it’s systemic because there’s so much emphasis on quantitative analysis that qualitative is not given enough, if any, weight. Breaking this corporate culture takes educating fellow product team members and the executive board on how to effectively use user testing to enhance and explain the numbers and reveal insights beyond where the metrics leave off.

Effective user testing white papers

Or, sometimes it is a perception of it being cost prohibitive or a lack of understanding in how to effectively go about the research or complete it in a timely fashion or interpret the results. The former will take shifting your corporate culture by education on the intrinsic value of the information while the later is simply an exercise in confronting one’s fears and sharpening their own product management skill set.


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