quick shot: baseball one two

Fantasy Sports Tarnation First Team

My first team and I had the first pick out of a ten team league. I’ve documented how this hasn’t worked out well for me in the past in both baseball and hockey, so needless to say, I wasn’t super thrilled with it. Then again, I missed the draft (again) this year and had to have a good friend pull for me. The hitting and pitching stats are pretty standard and it’s a head-to-head league. It’s a pretty standard C-1B-2B-SS-3B-OF-OF-OF-UTIL hitting alignment and SP-SP-RP-RP-P-P-P along with five bench spots that I’m holding four with additional pitching.

I won’t say I disagree with the first pick for me even though it was different than who I would have taken for myself because one never knows the effect till the end of the season. Well that and if it weren’t for him selecting Robby Cano for me I wouldn’t have been able to draft which would have meant no first team this year. The hitting staff is pretty heavy on the slugging and light on the fleet-of-foot which worries me, but the current choices on the waiver wire don’t blow me away as base swipers either or high average guys. As for pitching, it’s thin on the back end but should get the job done for the type of league, at least for now.

C/1B Carlos Santana [CLE]
1B Billy Butler [KC]
1B/OF Nick Swisher [NYY]
1B/3B Kevin Youkilis [BOS]
1B/2B/3B Michael Young [TEX]
2B Robinson Cano [NYY]
SS Asdrubal Cabrera [CLE]
OF Jay Bruce [CIN]
OF Carlos Beltran [STL]
OF Yoenis Cespedes [OAK]

SP CC Sabbathia [NYY]
SP Gio Gonzalez [WAS]
SP Josh Johnson [MIA]
SP Tim Hudson [ATL]
SP Max Scherzer [DET]
SP Ted Lilly [LAD]
SP Ubaldo Jiminez [CLE]
SP Jair Jurrjens [ATL]
SP Matt Harrison [TEX]
RP Craig Kimbrel [ATL]
RP Brandon League [SEA]

Second Team

My second team funny enough I had the second pick out of the twelve team league. Thankfully, I had set up the auto-draft pretty well because yet again this year the live, on-line draft didn’t happen correctly and I got what I got of the picks and then immediately had to hit the waiver wire to re-balance the team from inappropriate late picks. The hitting and pitching stats are pretty standard and it’s a head-to-head league. The alignment is C-1B-2B-SS-3B-LF-CF-RF-UTIL-UTIL meaning having to carry position specific outfielders, which is always more challenging in setting up a team. The pitching is SP-SP-SP-RP-RP-P-P-P and there’s 5 bench spots, four of which I’m holding for additional pitching.

Oh, and for that second pick, I took Matt Kemp. All in all I feel like it’s a pretty good balance of power and speed as well as a few unknowns mixed into a few known quantities on the hitting side. The pitching is pretty stacked on the starters and with the exception of not holding a big Holds guy, there’s depth at closer which I can use to leverage for other relievers later if necessary.

C Miguel Montero [ARI]
1B Ike Davis [MYM]
1B/RF Mark Trumbo [LAA]
2B Rickie Weeks [MIL]
SS Jimmy Rollins [PHI]
SS Elvis Andrus [TEX]
3B Aamis Ramirez [MIL]
LF/CF/RF Carlos Gonzalez [COL]
LF/CF Desmond Jennings [TB]
CF Matt Kemp [LAD]
RF Shin Soo-Choo [CLE]

SP Roy Halladay [PHI]
SP Tim Lincecum [SF]
SP Cole Hammels [PHI]
SP Jon Lester [BOS]
SP Yovani Gallardo [MIL]
SP Derek Holland [TEX]
SP Shaun Marcum [MIL]
SP Doug Fister [DET]
SP Johnny Cueto [CIN]
RP Ryan Madson [CIN]
RP Jordan Walden [LAA]
RP Brandon League [SEA]


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