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The National Hockey League season is getting down to the wire and as usual it is tainted in some kind of contravercy. It’s a little too early to start making post- season predictions or even wrapping up a review of the regular season but that doesn’t stop the email reply all that goes on between the guys. Italics are the replies.

riddle me this…
the caps have 33 wins 32 ROW 28 RW against 34 losses
and yet they are struggling to make the playoffs at #2 SE & #8 EC

Meanwhile above them are
OTT with ROW 31
Pitt ROW 32
and the head shaker Fla 31 Wins 27 ROW 35L

the teams below that are vying for that #8 spot and close enough to jump the Caps are
WPG 32/ 28/36
Buff 31/25/37
TB 31/29/36
Tor 30/27/37

This ONLY occurs because all wins are valued equal, regardless of it is regulation, overtime or shootout in the current point system that provides losers points just for playing to a tie somewhere along the line. This is the biggest problem – teams that actually play hockey for wins have some of their wins devalued by other teams skills competition wins or worse, the wins are negated by losses. Jersey is only in because of Kovy’s record in the skills competition. Take his SOWs out of the picture and they don’t have enough points to make it in for example.

I’ve never been a fan of this system, what pisses me off most about it now is that it’s showing it’s true failure not as a theory of a team with more wins seeding lower but in actual practice

A win is a win is a win though. While I agree with your assessment of the loser point being something out of the 1970s be nice to everyone mentality I don’t necessarily think that one win has to be valued at less than another. We don’t treat 5-5 goals in a game different than shorthanded or power play or empty net ones, we probably shouldn’t treat wins any different either. It you went to a straight up winning percentage rather than points the Caps would do fine at top in the SE and probably around the fifth or sixth see in straight standings which is why I agree with the loser point being a failure in determining playoff position. While I’m not a fan of deciding games by a shoot out it is the rule we have. We can debate it’s merits but so long as it produces a winner it should count as a win the same as any other.

OK, I conceed. Actually, that logic sounds vaguely familiar. Did I use that on you once before?

It’s all shaking out flyers and pens are hot right now.. So are the devils… Caps are in dissarray… But hope is still there… as with all flyers fans I hate shoot outs So there should just be a tie like the old days, I miss the old days… Anyway I hope bryzgalov can hold his head together and the flyers make it to the playoffs so I can go again.. The run in 2010 was insane… oh, and you used that on me before, the logic part

Caps are inconsistent, to say the least.

And, that goes for more than just their ability to win. It is the coaching staff’s inability to commit to any particular group of skaters on the ice.

Then again, the way the team is built, how else can you possibly make lines, but to shuffle them. They have five puck moving D-men and three “stay-at-home” guys for six spots, 8 Centers but no top-line pivot at the moment (or second line C for that matter), three goalies and not definitive #1… and again, they are skating an undesirably high number of Hershey-AHL “graduates” again this year… I could go on, but it would be a waste of time until DH decides to coach with conviction and not what seems like play for the no-longer relevant tie and/or GMGM addresses the imbalance that continues to plague the team.

I’ll take the wins… and the potential play off appearance. If they make it out of the first round, I’d consider it a lucky gift, especially if they only end up the 8th seed.

Then again, the wouldn’t be battling for the 8th seed if the asinine points system wasn’t rewarding Flordia for playing for the tie…


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