spam poetry: tba

TBA has to be one of the most popular music acts of all time. They are my absolute favorite because they appear on soooooo many bills. It is amazing with the response they get that more people don’t know them and worship at their expansive ability to perform with jazz, punk, indie and extreme metal artists, just to name a few. When that tribute band TBD performs in their place it just isn’t the same.

The below is what appeared as music industry spam emboweled in the depths of the spam folder of one of my lesser used addresses. I’m not sure it is really SPAM or if maybe it was an accidentally sent draft of a press-release, but none-the-less it gave me a giggle in reading it and hopefully it’ll enliven your Friday funnies too:

This will be featuring unique solar-panel sound installation & more surprises TBA to make you gush. On top of that on our recovery and hangover days we have established a solid week of events featuring extraordinary talent from across the world TBA. And, on top of the diverse and exciting group of acts that is bringing in directly the fun, we are also partnering with three of our favorite friends for each day to co-curate some of today’s most buzz-worthy acts TBA designed to thrill and satisfy you, though the details are TBD in order to make it a surprise for everyone.


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