Don’t pick me last

Oh the dreaded school yard pick. If you are even remotely clumsy, unpopular or arcophobic you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. You pray your hardest prayer to not be picked last. It’s not even a pick it’s a “hey look you’re stuck with me because no one else wanted me” default experience. Even in professional sports it has it’s place and Playerpoll Canada recently ran a version of it discussing what players other players in the NHL would want on their team, who they wouldn’t want to face, etc. As it was passed around among friends we all chimed in with thoughts. The italics are their replies

It’s a shame because I really waned bryzgalov in philly he was the best goalie out there yet we are still having problems. From what I hear it’s the day to day things that bother him.. Media atmosphere etc… But we will see kubina and grossman definitely helps on the blue line…

It’s the curse of Ronny Hextal! There hasn’t been a stable netminder in Philly in ages. Like a closer in baseball and possibly the QB it’s just one of those positions that effs with people’s heads all too easy.

Mouse is right, you should be used to it. You’re never going to get your Marty Brodeur or Patty Roy or even Chris Osgood. Speaking of a wing… 6 of 14 questions based on on ice players went to Pavel Datsyuk (minus the goaltender to face, which Datsyuk isn’t qualified for ’cause he doesn’t play the position). Four go to the Bruins collectively. 3 to the Rangers. And a nod to Crosby as to who you want to build a team around. 7 to the Wings (yes, Lidstrom still plays). Oh, and my, how Ovechkin has fallen from grace.

yeah, i noticed the distinct downturn in Mr. Ovi. As the Caps go, so does Ovi, and vice versa. He’s not the first star to fade or the first one to be so intrinsically tied to his team… makes me sad, actually

how can you build a team around a player how doesn’t play, Mr. Crosby? Maybe he’ll be a coach, or a GM in the near future, since skating seems not to be in his future recovering from whatever it is now he’s been diagnosed with

Dude it’s his aura.

thought honestly it’s probably more Geno’s aura since there’s no stopping that guy except when Sid the kid is on the ice

Yeah, yeah. We’re a few years removed from this run:
Hart: 2008, 2009
Lester B. Pearson/ Ted Lindsay Award: 2008, 2009, 2010
Kharlamov Trophy – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
But I think that it’s a complicated dissection of what makes him less Great 8 these days. Everyone’s got an opinion, but I’d still want him on my team, just maybe a few mill less a year right now.

Oh, I think you’re absolutely right, but that’s probably why neither of us are either players or GMs


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