quip: boobs

I was just watching a movie trailer on TV. I still find TV commercials infinitely useful for learning about things for which I would otherwise never know about because the targeting is so “shot-gun” in approach compared to overly sensitive algorithms that have no sense of “general needs” knowledge. Anyway, the commercial stood out like a sore thumb, which, even though I wouldn’t be caught dead watching the flick is exactly what you want, a memorable message… or so you would think. Consider the first thing that I spat out in response to it and then, maybe, we reconsider if memorable was such a good intention:

“there’s more boobs in that :30 clip that any full length porno could ever hope to display”

Let’s just say, the movie is far from a porn and there’s no exposed flesh in the trailer… but the commentary had the entire room in awe and giggling.


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