mixtape: in the grey of january

In the grey of January everything can take on this monochromatic appearance. The sky blends into the barren trees blending into the wilted grass blending into the asphalt blending into the buildings that blend into the sky. Yet in this seeming endless evening there is inherent beauty. The starkness of pure black and white against an unending spectrum of greys. The way light uniquely glistens off each crystal of ice or how a misty dampness can completely change the complexion of the landscape. The dead of winter is no time to mourn, it is a time to embrace the crispness of the world around us, such as the inherent beauty of a bare tree’s branch pattern usually masked by nondescript leaves.

My listening usually gets a little more moody this time of year and in that, sometimes it takes some interesting turns to artists that might not always get my full attention in the up-tempo chaos that makes the rest of the year go round. It’s easy enough to sit back, relax and allow the textures of the music take control of experience. Here’s what the winter weather brought to my recent listening… see if you can tell what I mean:

Muse “Exogenesis part 2” from Exogenesis
Junius “Betray the Grave” from Reports from the Threshold of Death
the Deftones “Digital Bath” from White Pony
the Echelon Effect “Distant Desire” from Distant Desire
Antimater “Everything You Know is Wrong” from Lights Out
Massive Attack “Teardrop” from Mezzanine
the Gathering “Souvenirs” from Souvenirs
Lamb “One” from What Sound
Anathema “Judegement” from Judgement
Radiohead “Karma Police” from OK Computer
Thrice “For Miles” from Vheissu
Enochian Theory “At Great Odds With…” from Evoution: Creatio Ex Nihilo
Oceansize “One Day This Could All Be Yours” from Effloresce
Zao “Song of the City of the Damned” from Funeral for a God


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