bacon & bourbon: Whiskey Vending Machine

I dropped by MPD bar the other day at the bequest of urban daddy and it was interesting to say the least. Normally, I would be a fan of the unique but there’s something about machine dispensed whiskey that just takes the fun out of a good sippin glass of it.

The Vinatta Project attempts to industrialize the dispensation of America’s original alcohol by taking bourbon along with it’s father whiskeys and putting them in a vending machine. It makes them more Ruffle’s tates and less say Utz originals seeing them poured in such a way, demeaning and degrading them … but you get a drink, at least for now, a lot faster than any bar maid could sling them here that’s for sure.

Although the kitche of it is kindly it isn’t something I’d endorse or come back for after the novelty wore off even if it is probably a very Jetson’s idea of the future


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