mixtape: holiday headbang

Let me just say right off that this is NOT a mix of holiday rock songs. This is a list of songs you need to listen to during the holiday season to get away from those infernal carols, those incedeous jingles, those infernal songs that plague the airwaves and department stores to the point of choking ones… the kind of songs you want to crank up while fighting for a parking space or elbowing your way through Times Square (or a crowded mall) or you want to blast in the face of some street corner solicitor after you’ve already given to the previous fifteen or so… They are the kind of comforting cranium bleeders some of us long for in the midst of corporate greed and capitalistic, hedonistic that ends up both dictating and marring the entire holiday experience for some of us. To me, this is catharsis for the ear-candy, sparkling eyed, rotund chaos that dominates, but don’t get me wrong, I do love my family, and the smell of roasted chestnuts and the sight of a smartly lit tree too… I just need this today:

“Alpha Century / Forsaken at the Gates” Forbidden from Omega Wave
“Low” Testament from Low
“Narcosynthesis” Nevermore from Dead Heart in a Dead World
“Winter’s Bane” Herod from For Whom the Gods Destroy
“Winter Nights” Iced Earth from Days of Purgatory
“24 Hours Ago” Savatage from the Hall of the Mountain King
“the Trooper” Iron Maiden from Piece of Mind
“Jesus Saves” Slayer from Reign in Blood
“Trapped Under Ice” Metallica from Ride the Lightening”
“Cemetary Gates” Pantera from Cowboys from Hell (RIP Dime!)
“Wake Me Up” Division by Zero from Independent Harmony
“Lie” Dream Theatre from Awake
“the Angelmaker” Seventh Wonder from the Great Escape
“Slaves to the Subliminal” Scar Symmetry from Pitch Black Progress
“Love?” Strapping Young Lad from Aliens


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