spam poetry: subject matter

It’s black Friday today, and I was seriously hoping for a good shopping spam to get my day going. Alas, sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead, I got some relationship advice for the holidays with a special top that told me videos would make all the difference in the world. See if you like the advice, or if it’ll go through you like rotten Spam would:

Analysis published through the luxury excursion agent Kuoni this week demonstrated that more than half (54 per cent) of the 2,100 men and women questioned made major improvements within their life as a result of a dialogue on vacation. Almost three quarters (74 per cent) assumed that a holiday could make or break the romantic relationship. The actual subject matter most discussed while away, specifically between largers earners, have been how you can enhance work-life equilibrium (41 per cent) and ways to get healthier (39 per cent). srd (36 per cent) came love life – especially among young answerers – with more than a 3rd (34 per cent) determining to spruce it up on their return. A significant number of those questioned selected a holiday to help pop the question or opt to begin a household (16 per cent and 15 per cent respectively). In the different end of the spectrum, some 59 % of those whom reviewed separation and divorce or separation when away acted on it in anal sex videos later. In addition to personal relationships, many people see trips as a possibility to re-evaluate their particular occupations – 28 per cent of these that outlined changing careers did so on coming back home.


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