agile project management class five – tools overview

This past week my group presented the Communication Tools portion of our project and submitted the revised version of Agile Communications.  The rest of the class did the same. 

Seeing the difference between the struggles so many in the class had with the knowledge area portion of the assignment in contrast to the tools portion was interesting. in some ways, I think the nature of the assignment was easier to understand and therefore the success rate was significantly higher than previous assignments, in some ways there were probably some key learnings that facilitates many of the groups ability to create effective products. Either way, it was one of the better executed classes in terms of take aways and structure combined.

Class learnings

There were too many good presentations packed with too much information to make it worthwhile to transcribe all of my notes to the blog for each knowledge area today (perhaps in a future post) but thankfully, most of the groups also provided detailed PPTs that I can reference at any time in case I do need to utilize one of their suggested tools.

Two big things I did take from the class on the whole are

1. There are more than enough options for automating and facilitating every aspect

Part of being agile as I see it is to condense the workflow, so if there’s an option that reduce your cost, resource needs or time and effort expended you should use it.  There are a variety of ways to approach agile and with each there’s a number of tools, free and paid, that can assist in it.

2. The tools are only as good as their users

Probably goes without saying but I’m just going to put it out there.  The right tool for the right job with the right people using it correctly (and by correct, I mean in that they’re all using it the same, even if it’s not along the intended purpose) otherwise it’s not being agile regardless of how the tool is positioned in the marketplace.

The Assignment

Prepare for the exam and the class roundtable.  I spent about budget this week mostly on exam prep (reviewing my notes on these blogs, the class presentations and the teacher’s now posted notes) and in doing such made a few points from what I had on the blog about things to review in class.

Project leanrings

The outcome of the last assignment was pretty good and I’m pleased with the level of work put in and the outcomes.  The notes from the previous blog entry linked above had relatively few suggestions for changes by the teacher:


Add: Collocation, informal/little communication planning/use of collaborative means of communication

Monitoring & Controlling:

Add: Performance reporting focus is EAC

I’m impressed with how both team projects came out and how we used agile techniques to create the final results. I also found some of it immediately applicable not only to my career but in my current job search as being quickly adaptive and iterative in my approach for applying to and interviewing for different roles has been increasingly helpful even if I haven’t yet landed a full time job.

Final insights will be a part of next weeks entry wrapping up the class.


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