affirmation: autumn

I adore the autumn accents in my life.

There’s something nice about being able to wear a sport coat out as the only outter-wear. Not that I’ve always thought it was sport coat, as I still love a hoodie, or a replica of my dad’s fatigue jacket from Nam, or some other light jacket, but wearing those things reminds me of autumn. At any time and in any place they seem to all still fit in in some way, and yet, as long as I can remember they were always a part of what I enjoyed wearing for the season.

I get to pull out my fingerless gloves and wear them. Nowadays, they are still kind of in-fashion for sure, but somewhere between my youth of extreme sports and the 90s alt scene I discovered their functionality working at a gas station and never quite let go of them. It almost makes me mad that so many “scenes” have adopted so many variations of them to represent so many things. My first pair was Navy overstock, while my most recent pair is a mended by my sister version of a USPS mail carrier issue, both do the same thing, leave my fingers able to grip my pass or ID and that’s what counts the most.

It’s something about the way each seem to warm the crisp chill that takes on the air, filling the lungs and refreshing the body. Adorn against the bright hues of reds and yellows and oranges the blacks, navys, greys and greens of my wardrobe seem to blend in and yes hold a stark contrast. There’s


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