affirmation: behind enemy lines

I’m happy that I love cartoons.

If you don’t know the reference, it’s to Snoopy being the WWI flying ace this time of year always making his way back to common ground. There are all too many lessons to be learned from his fiascos in doing such…

Seriously though, cartoons have saved my life. Had I never learned the lessons from Charles Scultz, Matt Greoning, Bill Watterson and maybe even Tom Wilsom and others from the funny papers, I would not be here today. I love what those cartoon concepts did for me. Don’t mistake their what their talents are for animation, I’m not talking about moving pictures of which I love too. This is the simple, pleasing, single-frame-by-single-frame newspaper print concept that taught me my favorite aspects of humor and writing.

I adore having grown up on film-strip style comedy that relied on intellect and the manipulation of language and dove into the singularly simplistic style of associating to our most basic and primal of problems: socialization.

In my growing book collection, among my favorites versions of works by favorite authors like Shelly, Carroll, Kundera, London, Huxley, Orwell, Twain, London, etc. are nestled complete works by Schultz, Watterson and Greoning which I’m more than equally and excitedly showcasing. If I had the room to have a full library, I’d allow their pages to mellow among the rest of the greats along brick and old-wood showcasing in a climate controlled reading and listening room (so my 78s and 45s would have a home too)

Funnies fall behind enemy lines always. They aren’t the animated comic shorts that helped build the MGM and Warner empires or even contributed to Disney’s works to long for animation. These aren’t the propaganda laden old school single frames that fell within the editorial section that the animated shorts drew ideologically from at times. These were the translation from the growing middle American, developing suburban / semi-urban gentrification of cities.

I am so gratified to have them in my life and when the going gets tough, it’s nice to have them as a reminder for everything that’s innocent and can be.


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