affirmation: patience

This is a strange one for me to talk about especially as I’m feeling the inane stress of impatience on so many other impending aspects of my life. There’s so much I had planned, so much I’d wanted to accomplish that’s put on temporary hold right now, and yet maybe it’s that withholding that’s allowing me the even head I am in dealing with my current situation.

Several months ago, I requested the United States Postal Service to forward my mail from what what was becoming my old address to that of what will become my new one. Needless to say, for most people, that would be a smooth transition where they entered two key pieces of information and it was done. Not so fore me.

When I recently went to forward my mail through the USPS forwarding system I wasn’t allowed to. I tried using the online form and was blocked. It told me to call the 800 number, so I did and the very kind young lady that assisted me told me she was unable to either. Her supervisor on the call could not help and instructed me to go to my nearest US Post Office at my new residence for assistance. They instructed me to both fill out a form and mail it as well as go to the main Post Office in my new district for assistance. I did both. The main Post Office told me to fill out form they would process later. Both those forms came back from a central processing unit as a form letter denying my ability to forward my mail. I called the 800 number again as instructed in the letter, but to no avail.

Most people, at this point, would be angry. They’d storm around or whatever at the inability to get it done simply. I decided to be patient and cover all the bases, hoping one touch would pay off…

However, it seems the residential address I kept for a good five years was, in fact, not my residential address according to today’s “modern” USPO. My building sat on a corner and comprised of two businesses out front facing the main street and six apartments which main door sat between them. I was always delivered my mail to a single address, lets call it 100 Main Street. I was able to forward my mail from my previously address to there with no problem. For five years the mail was always delivered to the apartment boxes in the center causeway of the building with that address with no problem.

Want to know why I can’t get my mail? Because according to the USPO my old address doesn’t exist as a residence. It’s the business address for the building for them. Despite the fact that the state recognized the address for my drivers license, fishing license and all other legal documentation, the insurance companies for health, car, and residential all covered me there, the town recognized it for my lease as residential housing, the local utilities for gas, electric, water, cable, telecom, etc. all serviced me there and every financial institution all billed me there for my personal accounts it apparently is not a residence to the United States Post Office. Funny, too, because for all that time they delivered the mail there and treated it 100% as a residence. According to them, the place they’ve been delivering my residential mail to for all this time is a business and there’s some hard and fast rule against business mail being forwarded to a “new” residence.

I was pissed. Trust me, you would be too, especially considering the haphazard way I had to find this information out between trying to mail letters, fill out online forms and make phone calls for close to a month.

When I was finally able to get the USPS to provide me with an explanation as to why they would not forward me my mail after a month of inquiry both on line and through their own mail courier service the result was astounding. It took over 15 attempts, most of which went unanswered to the town’s post office where I used to live, the county carrier, the regional address forwarding facility, the new city I live in main Post Office, a multitude of online inquiries and even a notice to the inspector general to find out where my mail was and why I couldn’t forward it. Apparently, according to them, I was too stupid to know my own address. I should have known all this time that it was actually 100-110. Well, upon their seemingly misguided instruction, I requested mail forwarding from this new, made up, address.

Guess what??!! I never received a single piece of mail to it.

Guess why??!! Because nothing is EVER addressed to 100-110 for me, it’s all addressed to the box in the foyer of the building that’s 100. But, as I noted, they don’t recognized those apartment boxes in their mis-configured database as being residential despite a half decade of my living there receiving residential mail. And, because it’s not on the original letter as 100-110 they won’t forward 100 mail even with my name on it two the new address, despite delivering it to the box at what they consider the same address!

Rest assured, I should have exploded by now. I took it in stride and decided to be methodical about it all. After all, I was always told you catch more mice with more traps…

So, the new quest began and a new set of letters to the old local post office where I lived, the old central letter carrier building, the regional mail forwarding processing unit and several online inquiries. Still nothing. All my old mail is still lost two months later, all my current mail is still not being forwarded two months after the crusade. I began reaching out my original town’s mayor, the county executives, the State’s congressmen and senators, the Governor’s office, the State’s Federal representatives at the House and Senate and so on. Mostly, I just got automated thank you for inquiring responses. Maybe, that’s because after being supportive for most of my life in that state I was no longer a voting constituent so they said, who cares?? Thanks for making “my vote count!” I also touched based my current electorate in my new residence. Mostly the same too. Thanks for thinking you “have my vote!”

I’ve since also reached out to the Inspector General and the Post Office Inspectors office for mail theft and am awaiting their responses too. My next step is to begin telling my story, as I am now, online and to news investigation services to see what comes of it.

Is it really so hard to expect something as simple as mail delivery, a Federal Mandate, should be done properly??

Perhaps, yes. Then again, it’s no wonder, given the USPO’s present situation with dwindling income that they can afford stellar service. But then again, that’s like the chicken-or-the-egg question, which came first, the service or the defection?? Probably the crappy service aided and abedded to the lack of income, or, at least, that’s been my personal experience.

All I know is someone is paying for mail to be delivered to me and by Federal Mandate it is supposed to be and it is not. Now, apart from my rant, the thing is, I’m thankful for the following:

1) I live in a country where I can rant as such because I am protected in my speech within reason via my first amendment right of expression and the distribution of my expression is also protected under the same amendment in the freedom of the press

2) I am (supposed) guaranteed postal (communication) services though a (universally subsidized) framework which allow me to communicate at the most basic and simplistic (written) level with my neighbors and peers and this will be fixed

3) I have the ability to express myself in this matter and receive the expression of others because I am educated enough (though subsidized communal education) in order to understand the entire above and express it in a way that others can also comprehend it (because they also received an equal education) and thus respond to it

4) I learned respect of the system (through socialized education and positive social interaction with both my family’s definition of family and our network of friends) and its limitations enough to exhaust any and all outlets at my device in order to correct an obvious wrongdoing before releasing to more extreme measures in order to self gratify my probably unique experience and not overly disrupt the natural flow for those around me who do not deserve my “wrath”

5) I know that in the end I have other alternatives in how to deal with this. The diversity of options is invigorating, daunting, enlightening and overwhelming. Such is the supposed beauty of an open market (note, not free, true free market is problematic as all utopias are inherently) where options come at a cost-benefit ratio that is defied by the individual user (of which mine is severely negative for something as simple as my USPS mail delivery!)

In the end, I’ve vented, I’m happy and happiness is ultimately what these regular affirmations are about, what makes me happy at a given moment!


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4 Responses to affirmation: patience

  1. JRadonski says:

    That is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard about the USPS. I can’t believe they can’t get everything straightened out!

    Let me know what happens with all of this. Have you contacted any media about this? Even a weekly paper?

    • thedoormouse says:

      No media yet, though I’ve contacted all my local representatives, the town mayor and the county execs where I used to live, the mayor’s office where I am now, the State level Congressmen and Senators for both states, the Federal Congressmen and Senators in both states, the offices of the Governors for both states, the Better Business Bureau in both states, the Investigator General for the Post Office, the Postal Service Fraud Bureau and so on. I’m in the process of contacting Attorney Generals and some other departments to report the problem as well as continuing to follow up with the USPS online and through the mail with letters to try and rectify it. So far, a bunch of “that’s not our jurisdiction” or “thanks for contacting us, we’ll look into it” or no response at all, only one legislative office contacted me and provided me with some information to follow up with, only one! I know it’s not that important compared to jobs and immigration and social issues and all, but from my elected officials that’s a little disappointing for a response rate… Nutley, NJ should be embarrassed that someone else responded first considering they ignored a resident and they’re not that big!

  2. forgetregret80 says:

    you are actually not alone in that. when i had my condo in Lodi, the actually address was similar to your issue, the building complex was 201 while my building in the complex was 204, unit E. I had all of my mail sent to 204 STREET Unit E and it got there, but when I moved to Bloomfield I had an issue forwarding my mail as well.

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