spam poetry: scammin it

Normally, I don’t bother posting the I want your money scams as spam because there’s nothing really interesting to the way they are put together. Well, I’m making an exception today because the opening paragraph basically attempts to pit one scam against another in order to try and make the first scam sound more worthy of your notice. Sadly, anyone smart should not fall for it, but for those of you who missed the chance to laugh at the attempt, here it is:

After our crucial meeting held on the 21st Sep 2011, by the US secretary of state and the United Nation Secretary General, In respect of all unpaid Contract Payment, Inheritance payment and compensation to victims who has fallen into the West Africa Scam. A committee has been put in place for a payout/Compensation to all beneficiary of Contract payment, Inheritance Payment and Victims of Scam in the United States, European Region and Asia only, Africans are not included

This office hereby writes to inform you that your payment worth US$850,000.00 United States Dollar has automatically been approved for immediate release through the United Nation Office in Cambodia, Your contract payment/ Compensation due to the West Africa Scam has been mandated to be paid out only via An automated teller machine (ATM) or automatic banking machine (ABM) which is a computerized telecommunications device that provides the clients of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a cashier, human clerk or bank teller. This is a secure and speedy way to obtain what is owed to you in the failed promise of the West Africa Scam.

The accredited Finance House (Frontline Finance House) has been chosen for the release of all beneficiaries ATM or ABM CARD. We hereby advice you to put a stop to all transaction that you have involved yourself in from any West African beneficiary or compensation companies and only adhere to the United Nation Office in Cambodia approved payment methods.

Be rest assured that after verification of your mail and processing for the release, your ATM or ABM CARD will be release within 72 hours of your accreditation which you can make withdraw of $10,000 us Dollars on any ATM Machine in your location daily bases. Please only provide to the Cambodian office your information to avoid similar pitfalls to the West Africa Scam.


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