quip: back like when

Remember way back in the day, when your grandparents used to tell you how much simpler life was? Now thing back to a not-too-distant past of your own and consider how much easier some things were before technology added so many features to the process that simple became stunningly complex. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something to be said for the ease in which some things occur now, but one of them is not the card purchase which is fraught with ways for you to screw up, beginning with remembering to select between debit / credit and so-forth. A recent trip to a retail self checkout took almost as much time to pay for the items as it did to collect them in the store and scan them, prompting me to blurt out this gem:

Nooooooo… I don’t want cash back, a useless coupon, a second line item receipt or to confirm my amount, to enter a pin or make another transaction. I just want to swipe my card once, sign on the line and be handed things in exchange. You know like back in the early 21st Century.


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