quick shot: crazy eights

So the fantastic failure is complete. The long downward spiral to dual 8th place finishes effectively capped what was a long season of insanity. Don’t get me wrong, it was exceptionally fun playing again this season despite the topsy-turvy affair that occurred. At least the collapse wasn’t quite as over-the-top dramatic as the Boston Red Sox were. Overall, the teams weren’t too bad, but lack of management on my part for a few weeks, a bevy of trips to the disabled list and some peculiar turns of events in both leagues and crazy eights were the result.

First Team

When last I wrote at the season’s mid-point the team was climbing out of the doldrums of the league and I was knocking on the eighth place spot. It took me nearly the entire second half to finally get into it, and with a week left I slipped in and was a mere 60 points out of sixth to boot. The majority of the team, you’ll notice, stays effectively the same, because I finally was getting some consistency out of everyone.

C Brian McCann (Atl)
C/1B Mike Napoli (Tex)
1B/2B/3B Ben Zobrist (TB)
2B Kelly Johnson (Tor)
SS Erick Aybar (LAA)
SS/3B Jhonny Peralta (Det)
OF Johnny Damon (TB)
OF Torii Hunter (LAA)
OF Coco Crisp (Oak)
OF Jason Kubel (Min)
DL/3B Scott Rolen (Cin)

SP David Price (TB)
SP Ian Kennedy (Ari)
SP Anibal Sanchez (Fla)
SP Derek Holland (Tex)
SP Phil Hughes (NYY)
SP Jake Peavy (CWS)
SP Rich Harden (Oak)
SP Chris Capuano (NYM)
DL/SP Josh Johnson (Fla)
DL/SP Scott Baker (Min)

CL Mariano Rivera (NYY)
CL Jonathan Papelbon (Bos)
CL Jose Valverde (Det)

Second Team

At the break the free-fall had begun. Several dormant teams came back to life and with the size of the league and the new competition for players along with a string of difficult teams immediately after the break were I underperformed and my fate was sealed. I finished the regular season in eighth and thanks to an interesting turn of fate I moved up to 7th in the consolation rounds and judging from now it all played out I could have probably beaten the sixth place team seeing how poorly they were in the playoffs, but it unfortunately doesn’t work that way.

C Alex Avila (Det)
C/1B Victor Martinez (Det)
1B Ryan Howard (Phi)
1B/LF Adam Lind (Tor)
2B/3B Neil Walker (Pit)
3B Evan Longoria (TB)
SS JJ Hardy (Bal)
CF Chris Young (Ari)
CF Coco Crisp (Oak)
RF Justin Upton (Ari)
RF Jay Bruce (Cin)
DL/SS Jose Reyes (NYM)

SP James Shields (TB)
SP Josh Beckett (Bos)
SP Hiroki Kuroda (LAD)
SP Anibal Sanchez (Fla)
SP Zach Grinke (Mil)
SP Dillon Gee (NYM)
SP Mike Leake (Cin)
SP Brandon Beachy (Atl)
SP Corey Luebke (SD)
SP Josh Collmenter (Ari)
DL/SP Josh Tomlin (Cle)
DL/ SP Paul Maholm (Pit)

CL Andrew Bailey (Oak)
CL Kevin Gregg (Bal)


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