mixtape: djent

It is Monday mixtape time and I am pretty excited to be trying to compile these on a semi-regular basis yet again. Let’s face it, a music dork not doing anything music related is kind of a scam!

Djent is a progressive style of guitar work that employs a specific style of palm muting in conjunction with discordant structures and odd-time rhythms in order to illicit a distinct sonic consignment. For over a decade Meshuggah * were essentially alone in their quest, with the occasional attempt to reconcile their unique sound, such as with Candiria **. Later, it was adopted again my hardcore bands such as A Life Once Lost in order to ordain the sound among new and impressionable listeners. Yet it never grew to widespread use. Then, as the new millenium’s first decade came to a close, clones started to move in upon the style with their adoption of the technique to the point of a number of variants all claiming rights to the the sound.

Meushuggah “Corridor of Chameleons” from chaosphere
Byzantine “Salem Ark” from …And They Shall Take Up Serpents
A Life Once Lost “Vulture” from self-title
TesserecT “Concealing the Fate. Part One: The Acceptance” from One
Periphery “Icarus Lives” from self-titled
Textures “Regeneris” from Drawing Circles
the Arusha Accord “Night of the Long Knives” from the Echo Verse
Divinity “Plasma” from Allegory
Reflux “Above the Pyramid” from the Illusion of Democracy
After the Burial “to Carry you Away” from In Dreams
Volumes “Wormholes” from Via
Candiara “Dead Bury the Dead” from What Doesn’t Kill You **

*IF Meshuggah are the league leaders, DEI or the like probably are better examples, but the composition here reminds me of many others moreso in style
**it’s not classic Candiria, and “temple of the sickness” will FOREVER define the beauty of their interpretation of the sound, but “Dead” does this so well, it ailes every other band on the list in “their” genre


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