bacon & bourbon: heidelberg

Things are still a little wacky lately as I strive to find a new routine with the new schedule and all. I needed a mental break from it and upon the invite of a friend we headed over to The Heidelberg . The restaurant is among the among the last remnant of the German influence in the Yorkville section of the Upper East Side. I’ve never been to a beer hall in Germany but I imagine I was transported there with this rustic afterthought to the area’s modern upscale identity.

Granted, there’s nothing quite bacon on the menu, but the bevy of pork possibilities makes it worth mention along side of pork’s American beauty in bacon. Specifically, the Schweineshaxe. On the menu it’s described as “a true Bavarian specialty, roasted pork shank, with sauerkraut and boiled potato.” Unlike some menus which try to oversell the nature of the dish, this is essentially a straight forward list of what’s on the plate. Let me elaborate for you though, it comes served a one large shank reminiscent of something the Flintstones might have served. It’s a gloriously golden mass of meat stacked up over the kraut and tates. The skin of the pork is crisped up as snapin’ as any good southern cracklin’ and the moist, tender, succulent meat sealed underneath is as melt in your mouth wonderful as any long cooked pulled pork specialty I’ve had anywhere in my travels. The kraut adds just enough acid to make a good foil to the fattiness of the pork and the potatoes while feeling slightly under-seasoned on their own pick up the flavor of the overall dish nicely and makes it understandable to go light on the salt for them. Split between two it was still more food than either of us really needed too and demanded I return in the near future to enjoy it again!


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