mixtape: under the surface

The creep of cool air into the metropolis. The chill of the changing of season beckoning against the cold steal. Concrete as indescrete as any towering tree limb covering hallowed ground. A silent mass moving upon humanity in the absence of any other noticeable change of season, mother nature makes her pride known and in as such there are sounds that fully encompass the transition, if only under the surface of our lives… I’ve been making these “mix tapes” now for the better part of three years for the internet, maybe longer if you go back to before internet playlists and to my radio days or tape trading and they’ve encompassed everything I’ve listened to or felt or needed to express through music. In no particular order other than those than crawled over me like a slow moving storm, here’s what’s kept my ear today under the surface of my smile:

“i am noone” pist.on from number one
“planets collide (with intro)” Crowbar from Odd Fellows Rest
“under the surface” Neurosis from Times of Grace
“firiment” the Ocean from Heliocentric
“blackness of days” Advent from Naked and Cold
“falling from the sky: day seven” Norma Jean from Meridonial
“dangerous” the End from Elementry
“death is this communion” High on Fire from Death is This Communion


About thedoormouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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