quip: NOT in Philly

The Philadelphia Flyers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky recently did a rather lengthy interview about life in Philly, new goalie parther Bryzgalov and more. My former blog partner Bobby lives down there and bumps into the players all the time and always has a funny story to tell about them, his parts are in italics

I’ve met this kid before real nice guy just learning English, couldn’t hardly understand a word he said, or maybe that was the beer… But I think he’s a future number one goalie…

he does seem pretty cool, i wish him luck… and a career NOT in Philly 😉

Awe, you’re just jealous.

No, you are drunk to think he’s a number one for the Flyers is all. Everyone you stick between the pipes becomes a crazed lunatic with no future trade value


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