affirmation: memories

The other day, the world, and more specifically some people close to my heart, lost a very special person… may she rest in the peace she so much deserves and may their hearts be at ease that she’s in a better place and take solace in that we all have one another as comfort.

We’ve all lost someone important to us at some point in our lives. For each of us, coping with this and the process of coming to terms with the new reality can be a difficult one. The one thing I am most grateful for though is the memories I have of the people who have passed on from this life. They may not be physically with me any more but their memories are forever bound to the depths of my soul, thus they continue to exert a powerful influence over my life in a very positive way.

I’ll never forget them, for their time in my life left an indelible mark expressed every time my family and friends get together and reminisce about the wonderful times we had together. It goes beyond the retelling of stories around the holidays or the review of pictures and home movies at gatherings, because the jokes are ingrained in our family speak and the recipes are remade as part of our regular dining and the lessons they taught us still mold our decisions.

This isn’t about the ghostly apparitions or some spiritual being looking down upon me from the heaven’s as much as it is the internalization for me of who they were and fully embracing the cumulative time we shared together.

We all have these people in our past who influence our present so strongly in such a positive way. Allowing one’s self to embrace them in such a way can provide not only a way to continue their legacy and pay them the respect they earned through their life but also better ourselves having gained from the knowledge and experience of the past.

There isn’t a fear that they will ever be forgotten in my mind because they would never let themselves when living. They gave so much to me over the years that they hold a special place in my conscious and I’m a better person for having known them. I’m appreciative of everything their continued presence in my life has done to contribute positively to who I am and help guide me to be a better person moving forward.


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2 Responses to affirmation: memories

  1. Elaine D says:

    Eric, I hope you are hanging in there. You’ve been in on my mind the past few days and actually I had a dream and you were in it. Nothing earth-shattering, but you were there. I truly hope you find the comfort and peace you are searching for.

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