mixtape: passing life

Sometimes coming to terms with the fragility of life. The chaos it throws the soul into can range from expressions of sadness to excited embracing what is the present goodness. The undulating nature of coming to terms with whatever vastness the sentiments encompass truly explains the great range of music that has been created over the years for funerals from the pain of loss to the celebration of a past life to the morning and subsequent recovery of the loved ones and even a few speculations of the afterlife. Rather than attempting to collecting the cliched versions of these, I took a few that remind me of these feelings while what sometimes seems like numbingly scrolling through my catalog of songs today…

the Beatles “In my Life”
the Gathering “Life is What you Make of it” from Accessories
Textures “to Erase a Lifetime” from Silhouettes
Zao “Psalm of the City of the Dead” from the Funeral of God
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Your Life” from Pin Points and Gin Joints
the Bouncing Souls “Lifetime” from How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Killswitch Engage “Rose of Sharron” from
Stretch Arm Strong “When Sorrow Falls” from Rituals of Life
Kings X “Dream in My Life” from Kings X
Dream Theatre “the Spirit Caries On” from Scenes from a Memory
Savatage “When the Crowds are Gone” from Gutter Ballet
Ella Fitzgerald “Thanks for the Memory”


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